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What is StoryBuilding?

StoryBuilding brings together groups of up to 10 people, who want to collaborate with a professional author on a work of fiction. The writer engages the participants in the process, drawing from their experiences the characters, settings and actions for the story. Once a premise and plot have been established, the story is written interactively, online, with participants 'looking over the writer's shoulder'. A celebration reading concludes the StoryBuilding cycle.

The idea is to invite Storybuilders into the creative process, but to have the author/facilitator bridge parts of the cycle that require the training and experience of a published writer. It’s a fun way to explore realms of interest, and produce lasting works of fiction to share with family, friends and the larger community. It's also an excellent introduction to the writing cycle for anyone who is thinking of becoming a writer.

Participants will be encouraged to join in 'creative play' including activities like 'adopting characters' and 'enacting scenes' as the story unfolds. Groups can be tailored for children, adults or seniors. They can also be developed for people with specific interests, who would like to create their own novel. For more information contact Craig Spence.

Parents whose children are excited by the idea of participating in a StoryBuilding group can get more information from the Kids StoryBuilder brochure, which is posted online.

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