Premise (the starting point of Rosie and Roscoe's adventure): Two piglets disobey their mother, and venture out into the 'world outside' the Hearts on Noses Mini-Pig Sanctuary. They discover that beyond the sancturary fence is a confusing and dangerous place...

Activities: The pictures above are things Rosie & Roscoe did or saw during their adventure. Think about what these images might mean, and where Rosie & Roscoe might have seen them. Then send in a story suggestion that explains the picture. You can also send in your own images or drawings and let me know how they fit into the story. Scroll down to see some suggestions that have already been submitted.

Submitted suggestions...

Diana: When I was visiting the Hearts on Noses Pig Sanctuary, Janice told me that she has to rub sun screen lotion on her pigs very pink ears as they burn very easily. Without that loving attention from Janice, the very impatient Roscoe and Rosie could soon find out why they had to go through this process before they went out to play.

Response: Like good suntan lotion, I'll work that into the story. Details like that really make it come alive.

Brady: As the oinkies waddled through the grass they met Hazel the chicken. Where are you going? she asked. We are going on a journey to explore the big wide world, said Rosie. Have you ever been out there? asked Roscoe. Oh no, I could nnnever go out there, said Hazel breathlessly. Why not? asked Rosie. Because I'm chicken, answered Hazel. Just then a delivery truck drove by. On the side it said, 'The Best Bacon in Town.' It stopped at the pasture gate. What's bacon? asked Rosie. I don't know, answered Roscoe. Then let's go find out, said Rosie. Yippee!! This will be our first big adventure. So off they went......

Response: Hello Brady. I really like the chicken encounter, and I'm going to work it into the story. The bacon delivery truck, not so much. I think it would bring the readers a little too close to the harsh reality behind the story and take the fun out of it. Your writing is very clear and direct and the dialogue quite natural. Hope you'll keep following the story and making suggestions. Bye.

From Janice Gillett: I was imganing them crashing the produce market and being chased down the street by an angry store keeper waving a broom in the air.

Response: But only after they make the mistake of thinking hungry piglets should be able to eat an ear or two of corn and maybe a couple of sticks of celery.

From June Tucanu: How about having the two kids sneak away at night, and overhear a conversation between three persons near the sanctuary fence discussing a barbecue to be held the next evening, and how easy it would be to get over the fence, to bring back a special "guest" for the party?

Response: Hello June. I like your idea! I think I'll have them overhear this conversation on their way back to the sanctuary, after they have discovered how confusing and downright mean the world can be to pigs. Their goal then becomes to warn Janice and the others about the pending raid. What do you think.

Send in your ideas about what happens next in the story. Craig will share them with everyone and work them into the action if he can. If you'd like to preview some pictures from upcoming episodes, send in your own picture, or see what others have suggested already, go to the Rosie & Roscoe Activity Page ...

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